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Voyages of the New Schooner Yankee

Imagine a tall schooner on a blue sea under a trade wind sky. Far from land, the speeding schooner rolls gently, dipping her lee rail before surging on. She is in her element; a white-winged sea spirit dancing to a tune only the sailor man knows. The ocean catches her lee deadeyes in a rush of spray before she lifts, and above her decks tall spars carry a press of taught canvas. Well-trimmed, jibs and foresail pull her onwards even as main and topsails push her ever faster. Stays, sheets and halyards strain to hold their wilful charges and you can hear her wooden spars moan and laugh in the language of the deep-sea schooner.

Occasionally, when she takes a deep roll, the end of her long main boom tastes the sea, renting it with a quickly healing wound. Her long white hull leaves a frothy wake astern, even as her perfect symmetry of sail glides serenely above the turbulent ocean like some graceful seabird. Soon the dream will be a reality and the Schooner Yankee project will turn back the pages of time allowing people to sail on a reproduction of this famous world-girdling vessel.

The Yankee is synonymous with traditional deep sea sailing and adventure under sail. This is the schooner that inspired thousands to embrace the romance of the sea and the wonderful wind ships of yesteryear. Under the able command of Captain Irving Johnson, the schooner Yankee circumnavigated the globe three times. Her passengers and crew experienced a brand of adventure and life under sail unequaled to this day.

Later, the Yankee continued to carry passengers under the command of Captain Walter Boudreau and his Windjammer cruises. His son, Captain Lou Boudreau, wrote a book titled “The Man Who Loved schooners” chronicling their adventures under sail.

At sea our clients will experience the romance of life under sail without the hardship. Comfortable cabins, hearty meals and a well-appointed main salon make our seafarers happy after a long watch on deck. Our clients are those people who want to experience the way it was at sea on a real true sailing vessel.

Mornings at sea will see all hands turned to daily chores while those who have an interest in navigation or sail handling can lend a hand. Others may wish to relax in the lee of the deckhouse. Our ever-trolled deep-sea fishing lines bring excitement as giant tuna or wahoo are fought to the side of the ship before being brought aboard. A fine meal of fresh fish is served that same night. Other recreational activities provided by the ship might include snorkeling on coral reefs, exploring remote locations, sport fishing with rod and reel, using the ship library or steering the ship under sail.

Summers on the Yankee will explore the coastlines of the beautiful North East Coast or cross the great Atlantic to visit old world ports in the Mediterranean.

In the winter months she will voyage to the blue waters of the Caribbean. Our passengers will visit picturesque towns, pristine beaches and interesting markets and forts. The Caribbean from November to May offers the best sailing conditions in the world. A large sailing vessel reaches from island to island reaping her energy from the ever present trade winds.

The area between the Virgin Islands and Grenada have often been called the best cruising and sailing grounds in the world. Beautiful, protected anchorages abound and in the open channels, the dependable north-east trade winds blow today the same way they did in Christopher Columbus’ time. White sand beaches and coral reefs, along with interesting historical ports are all on the schooner Yankee’s ports of call list.

Passages between the islands will find the Yankee reaching with a good breeze, either slight abaft or foreward of the beam as our clients stand their trick at the helm. At anchor, meals are served at the captain’s deck table under the awning or at the gimbal table below.

There will time to enjoy the sights of the islands and picturesque towns and villages, as well as snorkelling on coral reefs or trying your luck with a fishing rod over the side. Most importantly, however, our clients will be able to sail on the schooner that started it all, the famous schooner Yankee.

Rates are all-inclusive including meals, table wine, rum punch/swizzle, excepting special order bar, ports landing fees, & gratuities. Rates also include use of snorkel gear fishing gear, sunfish sailboat and upon request helm and schooner sailing instruction and basic navigation.


Tentative Schedule of the Yankee:





  • British Virgin Islands.
  • Tortola to Tortola. Ports of call Norman Island, Peter Island.
  • Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Guano Cay and many more.


  • British Virgin Islands – same area.


  • English Harbour Antigua, Les Saintes, Martinique.
  • St Lucia and the Grenadines.
  • Southwards through the Windward Islands.


  • Grenada, Grenadines, St. Lucia, northwards to
  • Leeward Islands.
  • Preparation for Atlantic crossing.


Trans-Atlantic Crossing:


Twice a year, the Yankee will spread her white wings across the great Atlantic. Passengers, as well as crew, will lend their hands to operating the schooner on these passages. For the true sailing enthusiast, there can be no greater adventure than sailing aboard the Yankee across the trade wind belt, on a great circle route from the Canary Island to Antigua.



  • West to East Passage: Antigua – Azores – Gibraltar.


  • East to West Passage: Gibraltar – Canary Islands – Antigua.




Summers months from June to September will find the Yankee visiting old world ports in the Western Mediterranean.


Tentative Ports of Call:


  • Gibraltar, Palma, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Bonifacio.
  • Rome, Capri, Volcano Islands, Catania.
  • South Coast of Spain.
  • Taormina, Volcano Islands, Puerto Cervo, Sardinia.
  • Balearic Islands, Malaga, Gibraltar.


North East Coast of the United States of America:


Alternatively, summers will be spent sailing out of her home port of Gloucester, Massachusetts.


October:  Crew holidays and maintenance.


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