The Schooner Yankee Foundation

Donations and Gifts

For your very kind donations we offer the following gifts:

  1. For donations over $50 dollars we offer a cd by the well know James Devine featuring the Schooner Yankee theme song.
  2. For donations of over $100, we offer a signed copy of “The Man Who Loved Schooners” by R.L. Boudreau, which chronicles some of the adventures of the Yankee. Other books by Lou Boudreau at
  3. Donations over $500 will receive a Yankee under sail wall hanging.
  4. Other donations can be put towards a day voyage, a Maine coastal four day trip or an exciting week in the Caribbean.
  5. Gifts in kind may include all manner of items and may be suitable for a deductible tax receipt.
  6. For those wishing to sponsor this worthy project, please contact our Nova Scotia or Gloucester offices.
  7. Honorary Captains club plankholders will enjoy special privileges regarding the Schooner Yankee and her schedules.

We look forward to your kind donations towards this very worthy project!

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